3750 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114
Year Constructed
Year Retrofitted
Structural Engineering Firm(s)
Structural Engineer(s)
John W. Reid, Jr., Architect
Mission High School
Mission High School
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Mission High School
Mission High School
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Significance to Structural Engineering History in Northern California

Mission High School is the oldest high school in San Francisco, originally established in 1896 and named after nearby Mission Dolores. The architecture features a 127-foot high tower with a baroque dome inspired by the nearby Mission Dolores Basilica. The high school serves as a focal point for youth activities in the Mission District of San Francisco.  The school was designated a San Francisco Landmark in 2007.

Structure Description

Mission High School is a four-story concrete shear wall structure constructed in 1927. The building was seismically retrofitted following the 1971 San Fernando earthquake between 1972 and 1978 by SOHA Engineers.

  • ACEC Honor Award for Engineering Excellence for Rehabilitation
  • CEAC Honorable Recognition Award for Rehabilitation
  • San Francisco Designated Landmark (2007)
Interesting Facts
  • The structure is the second high school on the site. The original building, which survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, burned down in 1922.
  • Three western-styles murals were created in 1936 by artist Edith Anne Hamlin. Unfortunately, one of the murals was misplaced during the seismic retrofit and has never been recovered.
  • Musician Carlos Satana and writer Maya Angelou are alumni.
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