1501 Buena Vista Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
Year Constructed
Structural Engineering Firm(s)
  • Matson Navigation Company
  • Pacific Coast Engineering Company
Structural Engineer(s)
  • Michael Jordan
  • C. Dean Ramsden
Modern Container Crane
Modern Container Crane
Source: Liftech
Structure Description

The first modern container crane was a 118-foot high steel structure with a boom length of 107 feet constructed at Encinal Terminal in Alameda, California in 1959.

Significance to Structural Engineering History in Northern California

Contracted by Matson Navigation, PACECO built the first modern day container crane used to transport containers from ship to shore at a cost of $350,000. Its boom could reach over 6 rows of containers and reduced the ship turnaround time from 3 weeks to 18 hours. Container cranes today throughout the world are all based on this initial innovative design.

Interesting Facts
  • Oakland has unofficially adopted the cranes as apart of the city’s identity. From 3D-printed earrings, to specialty designed T-shirts, the cranes have become a focal point for local artists.