Alternate Names
Daniel Shapiro, Structural Engineer, Shapiro and Okino Engineers, Shapiro, Okino, Hom and Associates, SOH & Associates
N. CA Established
SOHA Engineers Founders: Dan Shapiro (center), Harry Okino (left), and John H. Hom (right)
SOHA Engineers Founders: Dan Shapiro (center), Harry Okino (left), and John H. Hom (right)
Source: SOHA Engineers
Significance to Structural Engineering History in Northern California

In 1965, Daniel Shapiro started SOHA Engineers when he left John Sardis & Associates to start his own structural engineering practice: Daniel Shapiro, Structural Engineer. He was joined one year later in 1966 by Harry Okino and they would be known as Shapiro and Okino Engineers. John H. Hom joined the company in 1970 and establish Shapiro, Okino, Hom and Associates.  The company changed names in later years to SOH & Associates and ultimately SOHA Engineers.

For over fifty years, SOHA Engineers has been one of the leading firms in providing structural engineering services in seismic resistant design of new buildings, seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings, shoring and underpinning design, and historic renovations. Signature projects include Mission High School Rehabilitation, Gateview Condominiums in Albany, Foothill Housing Residential Complex at UC Berkeley, San Francisco International Airport North Terminal Buildings, Marin Civic Center Seismic Retrofit, Moscone Convention Center Shoring, San Francisco Marriott Shoring and Underpinning, the 7th/8th Avenue Slope Stabilization Project, and UC Berkeley Doe Library Annex Shoring.

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