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Qualification: Engineer/innovator must have a background in structural engineering in the SEAONC region and has demonstrated excellence in one or more of the categories below.

Note: It is unlikely that the engineer/innovator will satisfy all the criteria listed below. However, the more categories the engineer/innovator has demonstrated excellence, the more likely consideration will be given towards qualification and inclusion.

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Leadership in the profession — Person has provided noteworthy leadership in the profession. Examples include public advocacy of structural engineering performance, holding office in structural engineering based organizations (EERI, ATC, SEAONC), representing the profession beyond the local level, and responsible for teaching/mentoring a significant number of engineers.
Contributions in the profession — Person has made noteworthy contributions to the advancement of the field of structural engineering. Examples include research/development in codes and standards, development and use of innovative structural systems, advocating the profession to the general public through community or public policy activities.
Structural Landmark — Person has been the structural engineer of record of a landmark structure.
First/Milestone — Person has been the first to accomplish something or achieved a milestone with regard to the structural engineering profession. Examples include use of a structural system/technology, becoming the first female SEAONC president, or having a career spanning 50 years or more.
Expertise/Specialization — Person has excelled in a particular field of expertise that has enhanced our profession or is recognized as the “go to” consultant when specific problems in the topic arise. Examples include shoring/underpinning, software, base isolation, nonstructural components.
Award/Prominence — Person has received honor or award for excellence in structural engineering, has had an award named in their honor, or is widely known in the profession. Examples include induction into the SEAONC College of Fellows, or a lifetime achievement award.