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Qualification: A completed structure located in the SEAONC region and is defined in one or more of the categories below.

Note: It is unlikely that the structure will satisfy all the criteria listed below. However, the more categories the structure is defined in, the more likely consideration will be given towards qualification and inclusion.

Choose Significance for the Following:
H - High, M - Moderate, L - Low, N/A - Not Applicable
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Structural Landmark — A very significant structure recognized by the profession with a noteworthy structural design.
Architectural Recognition — Structure, while not necessarily structurally significant, is recognizable to the general public.
Award Winner — Structure has received an award for structural excellence or innovation. Example: SEAONC Excellence in Structural Engineering Award winners.
First/Milestone — Structure has been the first to accomplish something. Examples include the use of a new design method, structural system materials, construction method, or structural performance.
Serves the general public — Structure has significance for its use by the general public. Examples include bridges, city halls, memorials, museums, libraries and stadiums.
Retrofit — Structural system has been enhanced seismically and method of retrofit is significant in either innovation or constructability, or aspects of the existing buildings are maintained (historic facades).
Creative Solution — Structure system or performance highlights the innovative and creative methods structural engineers have at their disposal, resulting in an efficient and/or one-of-a-kind design.