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Qualification: Organization in located (or has a branch office) in the SEAONC region and is defined in one or more of the categories below.

Note: It is unlikely that the organization will satisfy all the criteria listed below. However, the more categories the organization is defined in, the more likely consideration will be given towards qualification and inclusion.

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H - High, M - Moderate, L - Low, N/A - Not Applicable
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Longevity — Organization has a storied history of providing excellence in structural engineering for an extended number of decades.
Structures — Organization has consistently designed significant and noteworthy structures.
Contributions — Organization has made numerous contributions to the advancement of the field of structural engineering.
First/Milestone — Organization was the first to accomplish something or achieved a milestone with the structural engineering profession.
Specialization — Organization has achieved noteworthy status in providing specialized service and consulting to our profession. Examples include software, base isolation, etc.
Awards — Organization has received numerous awards and honors for their work in structural engineering.
Engineers — Organization features/featured a number of engineers also included in the Hensolt SEAONC Legacy Project. Organization has educated/trained/mentored many outstanding engineers in our profession.