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Qualification: Event must have a lasting impact on the structural engineering profession in one or more of the following categories:

Note: It is unlikely that the event will satisfy all the criteria listed below. However, the more categories the event has demonstrated significance, the more likely consideration will be given towards qualification and inclusion.

Choose Significance for the Following:
H - High, M - Moderate, L - Low, N/A - Not Applicable
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Public Recognition — The event is recognized and known to the general public, primarily through news coverage.
Policy — The event has significantly changed the methods used to design structures.
Research — The event marked a breakthrough in research related to the practice of structural engineering. Research may include standards and codes, materials, and structural systems.
Disaster — The event, or data gathered from the event, changed the structural engineering profession’s understanding of material or structural behavior.
Earthquake — The seismic event with an epicenter within Northern California having a final magnitude of 5.0 or larger according to USGS.