Career Began
Frank Baron
Frank Baron
Contributions to Structural Engineering History in Northern California

Baron studied under Harold Westergaard and Hardy Cross at the University of Illinois. He joined them in 1939 in teaching at Harvard and then Yale. In 1953, Baron was appointed Professor of Structural Engineering at U.C. Berkeley, where he remained for the next 30+ years, focusing on the theory of design and planning. He made major contributions to structural and earthquake engineering analysis including, for example, a seminal 1961 paper “Matrix Analysis Of Structures Curved In Space” published in the ASCE J. Structural Division. His design work included consultation on the Dumbarton, Golden Gate, and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges, as well as a role in designing the roof structure of the St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. Other projects in which he served as consultant include the proposed Southern Crossing Bridge in San Francisco, retrofitting of bridges across Saudi Arabia, the proposed bridges across the Strait of Gibraltar and the Strait of Messina, and the proposed Inter-Continental Peace Bridge (ICPB) which would have joined Alaska and Siberia.

Awards & Accomplishments
  • ASCE Leon S. Moisseiff Award
  • US Council of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering Chairman
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